Think Differently

If you want your teams of people to become great teams, then take a look at my suite of Collabor8™ sessions. You can pick and mix a selection of titles to form a series of events, have a one off session to test your people, or throw an event or two into a management and leadership programme to help your teams put their new skills to the test.

The TaskMister Challenge

If a fun but challenging shared team experience is what you’re after, this is your product. Allow the TaskMister to set your teams various challenges where thinking outside of the box will be needed. In fact that’s the name of the game; the more out of the box you can be, the more points the TaskMister will give you.

Outcomes from taking part in the TaskMister Challenge include; teambuilding, morale boost, improved problem solving, collaboration skills.

Pizza the Profit!

Think running a pizza takeaway is easy? Think again! This session will help to assess your teams commercial acumen skills whilst giving them a fun and interactive challenge to get stuck into.

Outcomes from taking part in Pizza the Profit include; teamwork, encourages simple business analysis, forecasting and planning, improves clear decision making

Mission Improbable

Your teams must plan a way to get precious cargo to a given destination, across the real outdoors! Walkie-talkies link you to a second team which has a similar (but not identical) objective. At some point your team will realise that their map contains vital information that you need (and vice versa).

Outcomes from taking part in Mission Improbable include; improved team communication, seeing the dangers in making assumptions, seeing the benefits of supporting other teams, and developing trust.

The Silo Buster

The activity with the WOW factor! This challenge prepares staff to go back to work understanding why a ‘silo’ mentality is counter-productive and the value of seeing the organisation as one big team. We love delivering this challenge as it delivers the biggest impact.

Outcomes from taking part in The Silo Buster include; reminds groups to look at the bigger picture, highlights the importance of working together in one big team, exposes the abuse of trust, honesty, integrity and ethics, demonstrates the importance of sharing knowledge and information

The Escape Room

A tough team challenge to find an eight-digit combination, beat an alarm system and breakout of the room! This tabletop teamwork training activity is guaranteed to test team skills to the limit!

Outcomes from taking part in The Escape Room include; to work on a complex task with multiple variables, to encourage collaboration, to stimulate creativity and problem-solving, to test team skills (under pressure).

Antarctic and Beyond

A mammoth of a challenge where teams have to plan a complex project and present their findings in a way that will achieve results.

Outcomes from taking part in Antarctic and Beyond include; seeing the need for team brainstorming to get ideas on the table, demonstrates the need to break a project into bite-sized chunks, raises awareness of how team members need to communicate with one another, stresses importance of planning schedules and cost accounting, emphasises the need to plan a presentation with audience’s needs in mind.

To get the ball rolling simply get in touch. There are various ways you can do that and I’ve listed them in my contact section.