A Quick Heads Up

Every session I deliver is done so in-house at your premises or at a location sourced by you. None of my products are open sessions where you can book a space or two on a specific date. There is no minimum or maximum numbers required for the session to go ahead either, although I recommend capping the head count to 24 if you can.

Ward Leadership

This workshop gives councillors an opportunity to reflect on what makes a ward councillor a great ward leader. Our facilitator will present relevant case studies from across the country where great ward leadership is being demonstrated as well as offer leadership theories and best practice ideas.

The key benefit of running this workshop for your councillors is to enable them to fully understand the role they play as community leaders and the impact they can have in a leadership capacity.

Chairing Meetings

This training session is essential for elected members who chair meetings. It is also worthwhile for those who need to develop their skills – either as chair or as a participant of formal and informal meetings.

The course will help delegates understand the factors that go to make an effective meeting, including: preparation, questioning, listening and summarising skills. In these very challenging and difficult times for local councils and councillors, attention is paid to the strategies that can be used to resolve tense situations and potential conflict at meetings.

Lone Working

Councillors are expected to work on their own, away from an office environment in sometimes isolated communities or in other people’s homes. This course will give your councillors a good understanding of how to take personal safety in a lone working context seriously.

We’ll focus on dynamic risk assessments – including identifying risks related to all aspects of work. Tracing systems – ensuring Cllrs are traceable in case of an emergency. Home visits – best practice for staying safe while conducting a home visit. Travelling safely – tips for safety on various methods of transport.

Effectiveness in Meetings

Meetings are an essential part of every council. Run well, they can be highly productive and motivating; run badly, they can waste valuable time and achieve limited results. This workshop will allow councillors to learn how to plan for a meeting, understand how to conduct themselves in a meeting and how to communicate effectively, encouraging participation of others.

Handling the Media

This course is designed for councillors with little or no experience of dealing with the media.

Delegates will find out how journalists approach your organisation and learn what they are looking for from you the Cllr. We’ll enable Cllrs to put into practice our top tips for handling impromptu calls from the media and we’ll give you the skills and confidence to have a go at a mock on the spot media interview!

Engaging Young People

This workshop will assist councillors with the effective engagement of young people and the organisations representing them within their ward. Like so many areas of modern life, the methods of communication, the fora with which young people engage and the organisations representing them are often much more fluid and dynamic than for other aspects of the population.

Developments in social media and the technology used by young people are ever changing, and risk being out of date as soon as they are captured in print. So this course is intended to highlight some key approaches and options around effective engagement for you in your role or roles as a councillor.

Effective Communication

Being able to communicate well is fundamental to your councillor’s success. When we communicate well with someone, we just click, we really connect with them and it feels that we really get along!

Often, we don’t think about how we communicate, we simply do it. We usually just type an email and send it, without giving a second thought about how it’s going to be received. But what happens when it goes wrong? When the process doesn’t go so smoothly, we feel that people just don’t ‘get us’, and it can be confusing to understand why.

During this session we help councillors to learn how to get their message across in the best way possible in both the verbal and written formats. We tune into some important listening skills, we discover the secrets of body language, and what messages you are really giving out.

Public Speaking

Public speaking has a very close alliance with “presenting” which focusses mainly on how to deliver a professional message. Public speaking is more about the persuasion of the audience and the ability to hold a groups attention in an entertaining and informative way.

This course will improve your councillor’s public speaking skills by giving them the tools to identify what their audience is expecting from them. It’ll also give them hints and tips on how to keep an audience engaged, when to use and when not to use humour, how to ensure they hammer their message home and how to bring an effective public speech to an end.

Planning Workshop for Councillors

This workshop gives new and existing Councillors a broad overview of planning and an understanding of their role.

The key topics included are:

  • the national context and how it impacts on local decision-making
  • what needs planning permission and what doesn’t?
  • to grant or not to grant: what are “material considerations” and what is “weight”?
  • an introduction to the enforcement regime
  • the various (and sometimes conflicting) roles of local councillors
  • “localism” and lobbying
  • pre-determination and conflicts of interest
  • decisions contrary to officer advice
  • approvals, conditions, and refusals
  • defensible decisions and the appeals system.

To get the ball rolling simply get in touch. There are various ways you can do that and I’ve listed them in my contact section.